Fake Skin Latex Kit

Latex Skin

Our 'Fake Skin' product is ideal for zombie creations and produces a great peeling skin and scab effect.

It should be used with 'Dempsey's Matt Dusting Powder' which creates a nice natural skin-sheen

and prevents the peeled fake flesh sticking to itself.What is Flexiflesh made from

Apply Lixuid Body Latex

Liquid Body Latex Shine

Remove Flexiflesh Latex

FlexiFlesh Liquid Latex Body Art Paint is made from natural rubber from the para rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) Our latex is Malaysian and we only use reputable and conscionable producers who do not use child labour. FlexiFlesh is water-based and non-toxic in both its liquid form and its set state. Our latex is classified as ‘low ammonia latex’ and contains a small amount of ammonia (about 0.3%). Ammonia is added to all liquid latex products as a preservative. Before applying liquid latex it should be allowed to ‘vent’. This is achieved by pouring the latex into an open vessel for a few minutes in a ventilated area and will remove the majority of ammonia fumes prior to using on the body.

Allergy Advice: People who are allergic to naturally occurring latex proteins or ammonia should not use FlexiFlesh. If you are unsure, then please carry out a ‘patch test’ first (consult ‘Directions for Use’).